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The Flow of the Competition

The World Chocolate Masters takes place in 2 phases, to ultimately select the "World Chocolate Master 2005".
In the 1st phase, national selections are organised all over the world to appoint 17 finalists. These finalists are carefully selected by nationally renowned professionals, who judge all contestants on their technical capacities, creativity and the taste of their creations.

The contestants bring to the national selection two types of home made chocolate bonbons, a cake and a chocolate showpiece. On the competition day, they assemble their showpieces, prepare decorations for the cakes and create, within 2 hours, another original bonbon from a "Mystery Box" of ingredients.

The jury thus selects the most creative contestant, who earns the national "Chocolate Creativity Award", as well as an overall winner that will be sent to the finals to represent his/her country, and wins the title of national "Chocolate Master".

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The 2nd phase of the World Chocolate Masters is the world finals. Here, the 17 finalists will compete for the title of "World Chocolate Master 2005" and their share of the € 75.000 prize package.

They will be challenged to create two types of chocolate bonbons, a layered chocolate cake, a gastronomic dessert, a small chocolate showpiece and an impressive chocolate showpiece artwork.

An international jury of professionals will judge all of the finalists and their creations.

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