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Deschepper, Pol (°1963) - Ruiselede, Belgium

Deschepper, Pol

Degrees/diplomas attained

Ter Groene Poorte, Bruges, Belgium

Professional experience

now: Teacher at Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges, Belgium
since 1986: Independent Pastry Chef at Deschepper, Izegem, Belgium
1984: Pastry Chef at Patisserie Damme, Ghent, Belgium
1982: Pastry Chef at Suffys, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Awards and competitions

2005 : World Chocolate Masters - Belgian selection : 1st place 'Belgian Chocolate Master 2005'
2002 : Participation in 'Trofée Pascal Caffet'
1983 : Participation in contest 'George Baute'


'By participating I question myself : what do I need to improve?
Participating motivates me to continue what I do, namely to process chocolate into pralines and other creations.
To expand my horizons by searching new items and keep on trying to improve...'

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