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Van Den Broucke, Brian (°1977) - Encinitas, America

Van Den Broucke, Brian

Degrees/diplomas attained

2002: Chocolate man, Ecole Lenôtre Paris, France
2000: Chocolate man, P.I.V.A., Antwerp, Belgium

Professional experience

now: Chef chocolatier, Chuao Chocolatier, California, USA
2001-2003: Chef chocolatier, La Praline Chocolatier, Caracas, Venezuela

Awards and competitions

2005 : American Chocolate Creativity Award winner
2004: Extreme Chocolate, Dallas, Texas, 1st place
2003: Valentine Chocolate, San Diego, California, 2nd place


'...I want to participate with the best chocolatiers and push my own creativity. By participating I hope to design an innovative chocolate creation...'

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