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Creative pralines

Cubis Strus

Sébastien Courlit, Belgium

Sébastien Courlit
Cubis Strus

Finishing :

Unmould the ganaches and the raspberry paste and cut them into small squares.
Enrobe with dark chocolate.

1. Green Tea Garnache



Soak th green tea in water.
Boil the cream with the glucose, pour over the tea and allow to infuse for 7 minutes.
Pour over the chocolade, mix and add in the butter.
Mould the ganache in a frame of 4 mm high.

2. Raspberry paste


  • 250 gr raspberry pulp
  • 200 gr fine sugar
  • 30 gr glucose
  • 50 gr fine sugar
  • 6 gr sodium (E401)


Boil the raspberry, the sugar and the glucose.
Add in the sugar and the sodium
Bouil this at 100°C
Mould in a frame of 2mm high

3. Lime garnache



Make the lime peels infuse in the cream and the trimoline.
Add the egg yolks and the sugar to the cream and pour over the chocolate.
Mix and add the butter.
Mould in a frame of 4mm high.

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