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Olivier Vidal, France

Olivier Vidal

Gastronomic dessert of Cuban dark chocolate and exotic fruit

With this dessert, my idea is to combine a Cuban couverture and milk chocolate caramel with the delicate aroma of exotic fruit.
Once mounted, this dessert brings out a number of contrasts both in texture and temperature.
During the tasting we recommend that you break the chocolate tube garnished with a chocolate ganache to discover little by little the savours in textures within which will likely induce a multitude of emotions.

Recipe for 10 Gastronomic desserts

Victoria Pineapple Marmalade

  • sugar 28 g
  • Diced Victoria pineapple 281 g
  • vanilla bean 1/2
  • corn starch 4.5 g
  • fresh lime juice 8 g
  • Malibu 8 g

  • Turn sugar, pineapple and vanilla into a sauce
  • Thin the cornstarch with lime juice and Malibu
  • Bring to quick boil, put aside

Fresh candied mango

  • fresh mango purée 65 g
  • sugar 28 g
  • atomised glucose 9 g
  • NH pectin 1.4 g
  • fresh lime juice 5 g

  • Heat the purée
  • Mix NH pectin with sugars
  • Pour into the purée and bring to boil
  • Add lime juice
  • Mix marmelade with the candied fruit
  • Spread mixture onto sheets 2 mm thick in 5 x 17 cm rectangles
  • Place in freezer

Caramelised nuggets of hazelnut

  • minced hazelnut 52 g
  • sugar 25 g
  • water 10 g
  • butter 2 g

  • Combine sugar and water and heat to 115°C
  • Add minced nuts, sand
  • Caramelize, then add butter

Crunchy praline

  • hazelnut praline base 125 g
    (same as dessert)
  • caramelised nuts
  • couverture of caramel milk

  • Mix the praline, the nuts with the coating
  • Spread onto a sheet: 2 mm thick in a 28 x 14 cm rectangle

Pinacolada Sherbet

  • water 150 g
  • sugar 30 g
  • inverted sugar
  • fructodant (stabilizer) 4 g
  • Victoria pineapple purée 150 g
  • coconut purée 100 G
  • fresh lime 8 g
  • zest of lime ½

  • Combine water, sugars and fructodant
  • Pasteurise at 85°C
  • Pour into a pacojet mixing bowl over the purées
  • Mix, freeze and crush

Sherbet of Cuba

  • Combine water, sugars and the stabilizer
  • Pasteurise at 85°C
  • Pour into mixing bowl over chocolates
  • Mix, freeze and crush
  • Marble the 2 ice creams
  • Remove the mould from the praline and place a 1.4 cm frame in its place
  • Spread the ice cream then freeze
  • Cut 10 bars 2.5 cm wide
  • Place in freezer

Milk chocolate caramel Chantilly cream

  • cream 90 g
  • glucose 4 g
  • inverted sugar 4 g
  • caramel milk couverture 128 g
  • cream 180 g

  • Bring 1st cream and sugars to boil
  • Pour over chocolate
  • Mix and add second cold cream
  • Refrigerate for 2 hours
  • Make thin tablets of dark chocolate: 14 x 2.5 cm
  • Whip the Chantilly with a beater
  • Drop in a spiral on the thin tablets
  • Place in refrigerator

Dark Cuba chocolate ganache 70%

  • Bring water, cream and glucose to boil
  • Pour over chocolates and mix
  • Make paper-thin tubes of dark chocolate
  • Garnish with a ganache

The shaping of a dessert

  • Take rectangular dessert plates
  • Set the 2 mm candied fruit in the centre of the plate then place the marbled chocolate sherbet next to the pinacolada sherbet on the crunchy praline biscuit
  • On top of the sherbets, drop a scoop of caramel Chantilly
  • Finish the garnish with a fine tube of chocolate

Dessert made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.

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