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Moulded pralines


Olivier Vidal, France

Olivier Vidal

Chocolate couverture raspberry jelly and Earl Grey tea ganache.

Through this praline the idea is to bring together the subtlety of the Earl Grey tea with the vivacity of the raspberry to obtain a complex marriage of original tastes.

Recipe for approximately 250 bonbons

Raspberry jelly

  • house specialty raspberry purée 168 g
  • sugar 24 g
  • pectin 4 g
  • sugar 135 g
  • glucose 60 g
  • tartaric acid 1 g
  • water 1 g
  • raspberry liqueur 8 g

  • Heat the raspberry purée
  • Mix the pectin with the first sugar
  • Incorporate the purée and bring to boil
  • Then, little by little incorporate the glucose and the second sugar
  • Cook the mixture to 75 Brix
  • Mix water with the acid
  • Then add the liqueur
  • Cool once again in the refrigerator then mix entirely

Earl Greay tea with ganache

  • Heat the cream, sorbitol and glucose
  • Bring to boil
  • Bring water to boil and pour over tea
  • Incorporate the tea filled with cream
  • Let sit for 3 minutes
  • Stir, then pour over the couverture
  • Mix, then incorporate the butter
  • Shape half rounds 3 cm in diameter with a fine layer of white chocolate, then reshape with dark chocolate
  • Garnish half with the candied fruit and the other half with ganache, let cool
  • Then seal the shape

Praline made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.

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