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Moulded pralines

Grand Marnier Crunch Praline

Markus Podzimek, Austria

Markus Podzimek
Grand Marnier Crunch Praline

Grand Marnier Truffle Mass:

  • 500 g butter
  • 150 g fin Sugar
  • 1000 g dark chocolate ( Sao Thomé )
  • 300 g Grand Marnier
  • approx. 100 g candied oranges

Method Truffle Mass:

Mixing fin Sugar and butter, than ad the dark chocolate and in the end ad the Grand Marnier as well.

Sesame - Crunch:

  • 100 g sesame seeds
  • 300 g milk chocolate ( Origin Select Java )

Method Sesame – Crunch

Lightly roast the sesame seeds without any oil and allow to cool off.
Mix the lukewarm sesame seeds with the milk chocolate and roll out between two foils approx. 2 mm thick.
After it has cooled off, cut out little leaves the size of approx. 1.5 cm.

Producing Shell Pralines:

Marble the shell with red, yellow and orange-coloured cocoa butter and cover with dark chocolate.

Place a small amount of candied oranges in the covered shell and top with the whipped Grand Marnier truffles mass. Put the sesame-crunch piece on top and seal the shell with dark chocolate.

Praline made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.

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