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Kouichi Izumi, Japan

Kouichi Izumi

Ingredients :

A.Streusel cacao

Cacao Barry Plein Arôme 10g / soft flour 65g / hazelnuts powder 75g / granulated sugar 75g / unsalted butter 75g / speculos 2g

B.Croustillant chocolat noisette

Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue 100% Origine 32g / Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine 42g / ‘Streusel cacao’ 63g / Cacao Barry Pâte Praliné Favorites Noisettes 116g / unsalted salt 11g

C.Crème bluree au Café

cream 246 g / egg yolk 60 g / sugar 40g / coffee beans 15g

D.Biscuit chocolat

egg yolk 160g / whole egg 80g / invert sugar 40g / sugar 60g / soft flour 80g / Cacao Barry Plein Arôme 40g / unsalted sugar 40g / Cacao Barry masse de cacao Grand Caraque 40g / egg white 200g / dried egg white 3g / sugar 60g

E.Crème Saint-Domingue

Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue 100% Origine 43g / Cacao Barry Papouasie 100% Origine 60g / cream 78g / milk 91g / sugar 14g / egg yolk 35g

F.Crème lègère Saint-domingue

cream 63g / milk 63g / invert sugar 47g / egg yolk 63g / sugar 33g / Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue 100% Origine 200g / cream 400g

G.Glaçage chocolat Saint-Domingue

mineral water 280g / sugar 210g / nappage neutre 440g / Cacao Barry Saint-Domingue 100% Origine  63g / Cacao Barry Plein Arôme 63g / Cacao Barry Pâte à glacer brune 63g / gelatin 30g

Preparation method :

A.’Streusel cacao’

1.Mix all ingredients and cool down at fridge. And then, crush them by food processor.
2.Shape forming and bake it.

B.’Croustillant chocolat noisette’

1.Mix every ingredients and roll it to size of cercle.And then cool down at fridge.

C. ‘Crème bluree au Café’

1.Extract coffee flavor by cream and mix coffee flavored cream with other ingredients
2.Pour the mixture in tray and bake it by microwave
3.Keep it at freezer after baking

D. ‘Biscuit chocolat’

1.Mix egg yolk, whole egg, invert sugar and sugar
2.Join soft flour and Cacao Barry Plein Arôme , unsalted butter and Cacao Barry masse de cacao Grand Caraque .
3.Make merengue by egg white, dried egg white and sugar
4.Mix 1.- 3. And pour it to cercle. And then bake it.

E.’Crème Saint-Domingue’

1.Make ‘anglaise’ by every ingredients except chocolate
2.Emulsify chocolate and ‘anglaise’ F. ‘Crème lègère Saint-Domingue’

F.'Crème légère Saint-Domingue'

1.Make ‘anglaise’ by every ingredients except chocolate and cream(400g).
2.Emulisfy chocolate and ‘anglaise’ and mix whipped cream(400g) with emulsified one.

G.’Glaçage chocolat Saint-Domingue’

1.Boil water and nappage neutre and then add sugar, Cacao Barry Plein Arôme and gelatin.
2.Mix chocolate and Cacao Barry Pâte à glacer brune with 1.


1.Cut ‘Biscuit chocolat’ into slice and sandwich ‘Crème Saint-Domingue’ in Biscuit chocolat, and then cool down at fridge. Paint ‘Crème lègère Saint-Domingue’ on Biscuit chocolat and put ‘Crème bluree au Café’ on it.
2.Put ’Croustillant chocolat noisette’ in cercle and pour ‘Crème lègère Saint-Domingue’.
3.Sink 1. into 2. and fill up cercle with ‘Crème lègère Saint-Domingue’ and then cool down it at fridge.
4.Paint ’Glaçage chocolat Saint-Domingue’ on 3 and spray color on the surface. And then put chocolate decoration.

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