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Fabrizio Galla, Italy

Fabrizio Galla

A. Glaze
B. Mousse Tanzanie 75%
C. Bitter biscuit
D. Tahiti vanilla creamy
E. Brown sugar caramel
F. Bitter biscuit
G. Nut creamy
H. Pink salt of Himalaya
I. Nut Cous Cous and cocoa nibs

Brown Sugar Caramel

Dry candy:

  • Cassonade sugar 200 g

Bitter Biscuit

Spill in the cutter:

  • Marzipan paste 89 g
  • Egg 28 g
  • Yolk 67 g

Add little by little:

Whip apart and unite:

  • Yolk 84 g
  • Sugar 56 g

Bake at 190 °C for 7-8 min. on the moulds.

Nut Creamy

Make an English cream with:

  • 35% cream 178 g
  • Yolk 53 g
  • Sugar 44 g


Once obtained the mixture put it inside the circle with the nut and gruè cous cous under , add a cacao biscuit over and freeze.

Cacao glaze

Boil at 104 °C:

  • Water 1100 g
  • 35% cream 1000 g
  • Cacao 500 g
  • Sugar 1100 g
  • Glucose 500 g

Soften and unite:

  • Isinglass 50 g

Unite the isinglass when the mass is tepid and cover it with a film. Use a 30-35 °C.
Once obtained the caramel, stend between two Silpat with the rolling-pin . Make cool crumble and put over the cacao biscuit.

Pastry made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 in France.

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