Olivier Vidal, France

Olivier Vidal

Dessert of Santo Domingo dark chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut praline

For this dessert, my idea is to render the combination of the Santo-Domingo couverture with the delicate aroma of Piedmont hazelnut and to associate it with the crustiness of a nut streusel to give a contrast of textures.

Recipe for 2 desserts and 2 people

Praline of Piedmont hazelnut

Chocolate biscuit

Piedmont hazelnut Streusel

Santo Domingo chocolate Ganache 70%

Santo Domingo Chocolate Mousse 70%

Pastry Cream

Piedmont Hazelnuts Praline Mousseline

Shiny Black Glaze

Mounting the dessert

Pastry made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.