Mango-Passionfruit-Ginger praline

Markus Podzimek, Austria

Markus Podzimek
Mango-Passionfruit-Ginger praline

Mango-Passionfruit Jelly


Method Jelly:

Boil the fruit purée together with the glucose to 65° brix; blend the sugar and pectin and slowly add to the fruit purée. Simmer for a short time.
Cool off and fill in a 3 mm thick frame.


Method Canache:

Boil the fruit purée with for a few minutes. In the meantime bring the cream and the glucose to the boil. Add the cream to the pureé and immediately pour the mixture over the callets. Add the liqueur and the aroma oil. Blend in the butter finally. Pour the filling on the solid fruit jelly and let set.
Apply a thin layer of chocolate after the top layer has set.
Then turn it over and cut with a praline cutter.
Cover with milk chocolate and decorate.

Praline made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.