Chocolate fondant & mousse with beetroot sorbet

Tim Clark, Australia

Tim Clark
Chocolate fondant & mousse with beetroot sorbet


1. Milk Chocolate Mousse
2. Chocolate Almond Tuile
3. Chocolate Fondant
4. Chocolate Orange Ganache
5. Orange Mandarin Sauce
6. Chocolate Biscuit Tuile
7. Beetroot Sorbet

Milk chocolate mousse:

· Cook group 1 to 85.c like a crème anglaise and pour this mixture over the milk chocolate and whisk smooth, once cool to 35.c fold under semi whipped cream

Chocolate Almond Tuile:

· Mix all together, bake at 180.c

Chocolate Fondant:

· Mix both the butter and the chocolate together over a low heat stiring until combined. Whisk the egg mixture until light and fluffy. Fold the chocolate and butter under the foam then gently fold in the flour. Bake when frozen with orange chocolate centre at 200.c (fan forced oven) 8 mins.

Chocolate Orange Ganache:

· Boil cream and milk together and pour over orange and chocolate, mix until smooth and deposit into mini sphere shaped moulds. Freeze and later insert into chocolate fondant.

Orange Mandarin sauce:

· Boil all together and let sit aside to cool before serving.

Chocolate biscuit tuile:

· Combine all ingredients together, mix until smooth then spread on tray and comb out strips. Bake 180.c and roll around plastic rod.

Beetroot Sorbet:

Mix all together and ensure stabiliser is blended through entirely with bar blender. Let sit 15 mins before processing.


Warm syrup only until sugar dissolves, let cool then add 100g to above sorbet mixture.

Dessert made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.