Hokey Pokey

Tony Hoyle, United Kingdom

Tony Hoyle
Hokey Pokey

Main ingredients :

Peanut & Honeycomb Gianduja enclosed in Candied Lemon Ganache

Description :

Carma Madagascar single origin ganache with citrus flavours of lemon, kaffir lime zest and lemon grass enhancing the fruit notes typical of this Madagascan chocolate. Papua chocolate enriches the peanut gianduja and the honeycomb pieces give a nice crunchy texture.


Peanut Gianduja

Candied Lemon Ganache


For the peanut gianduja break the honeycombe into small pieces
Mix the peanut paste with the praline paste
Mix in the melted cocoa butter
Mix in the tempered milk couverture
Mix in the honeycombe
Spread out 5mm thick and allow to set
When set cut into 25mm batons
Line the moulds with tempered couverture
For the lemon ganache boil the cream, lemon puree, chopped lemon grass, kaffir lime zest and invert sugar
Cover and allow to infuse for 30 minutes
Reboil and pass thru a fine chinois onto the couverture
Mix with a stick blender to form an emulsion making sure to keep the blade under the surface to avoid incorporating any air into the ganache
Add the candied lemon and mix with the blender
When the ganache is at 40 ° c mix in the butter
Pipe into the moulds
Push a baton of the gianduja into the centre of the ganache
Allow the surface to crystalise then cap with tempered couverture
Turn out of the moulds when crystalised

Praline made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.