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Broeckner, Brian (°1975) - Denmark

Broeckner, Brian

Degrees/diplomas attained

2005: Danish Chocolate Master 2005, Tema fair, Copenhagen
1999: Konditor, Ringsted Tekniske Skole, Harlev bageri
1997: Bager, Holstebro, Harlev bageri

Professional experience

2004-now: Dessert cook chef, Ruths Hotel, Gl. Skagen
2002: Konditor Chef, Harlev bageri
2001: Konditor Chef, Rein Van Hauen
2000: Konditor, Boysen Chokolade
2000: Dessert Cook Chef, Jan Hurtig Karl

Awards and competitions

2004: 'Kokke Konkurrencen til OL' in Erfurt, Silver Medal
2002: participation in the International Belgian Chocolate Award, Odense
2001: 'Copenhagen Internationale montre konkurrence', Gold
2000: 'DM i chokolade', Bronze
2000: 'DM i sukker kunst', Gold
1999: 'Copenhagen Junger', Gold
1998: 'Danmarks taerten', Silver
1998: 'DM i chokolade', Silver
1997: 'Danmark taerten', Bronze


'I find that it is a very exciting competition which I would like to win...'

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