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Auboine, Jean-Marie (°1970) - America

Auboine, Jean-Marie

Degrees/diplomas attained

1988: CAP Patissier, Lycée Hotelier Souillac 46200 France
1987: BEP/CAP Cuisinie, Lycée Hotelier Souillac 46200 France

Professional experience

2003-now: Executive Pastry Chef, Hotel Presidente Inter-Continental Mexico City
1997-2003: Executive Pastry Chef, La Pyramide F. Point Vienne 38200 France

Awards and competitions

2005 : American Chocolate Master winner
2003: Champerard Guide, France, Pastry Chef of the Year
1998: France Pastry Championship, 2nd prize


After acquiring a solid experience in Europe and Asia, I wish to measure up to the top pastry chefs on this side of the Atlantic, to compare techniques and skills as well as artistic flair. I would be proud to represent America at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris.
This competition will be the perfect stage to gauge my skills and prepare me for the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) Chocolatier 2006; it will help me greatly to improve, train and stand the pressure of an international competition, and enhance my opportunities there.

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Winner of:
- Press Award

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