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Just makes you feel good

Nora Kristin Czudaj, Germany

Nora Kristin Czudaj
Just makes you feel good

Sweet and refreshingly fruity and at the same time very healthy!
A white Ganache, drawn through with fine Callebaut NIBS-S and refined in taste with 100 % Aloe Vera in combination with sweet-sour caramel. An inventive combination with sallow thorn, one of the fruits that are very rich in vitamin C.

Ganache of Aloe Vera & white chocolate ingredients

Caramel ingredients

  • 50 gr glucose
  • 500 gr sugar
  • 100 gr cream
  • 300 gr butter
  • 150 gr sallow thorn 100 % fresh juice


Boil up cream and butter and merge under the white chocolate. Heat it up, stir with a mixer and add Aloe Vera with NIBS-S. Warm up the glucose and melt the sugar bit by bit. Put it out with cream. Add butter and boil down shortly. Cool down to 20 °C and mix under the juice. Fill the ganache into one half of the truflle shells and wait for a while. Later fill in the caramel and close the praline. Make some blossoms out of the pralines with modelizing chocolate, paint with airbrush. Enjoy the effect!

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