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National Selections : Introduction

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The first round of the World Chocolate Masters competition consists of national selections, held at local trade fairs or technical schools. At the national selections, a jury of nationally renowned professionals gathers to evaluate the creativity & technical capacities of their local contestants and the taste of all of their creations. Seventeen finalists will be appointed in selection rounds all over the world!

The World Chocolate Masters is a brand new competition . This year's edition is a transition towards the full integration of the "Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie" and the "International Belgian Chocolate Award" (see "About the competition : History"). As a result, some countries are completing their local contest, instead of the official World Chocolate Masters selection. The Organising Committee carefully watches over the level of these local selections before allowing them as an official national selection for the World Chocolate Masters. At the finals, all finalists have the same assignment.

Select a country to find out all about the rules, contestants and so much more!

Country Location Date
America Hyde Park, NY, USA  19/02/2005 
Australia Ryde TAFE, Sydney  24/02/2005 
Austria Vienna, Austria  03/02/2005 
Belgium Chocoa fair, Brussels  11/04/2005 
Canada Montréal en Lumière  01/02/2004 
Denmark Tema fair, Copenhagen  27/02/2005 
France Europain, Intersuc fair, Paris  16/04/2005 
Germany Handwerkskammer Köln  25/05/2004 
Italy Sigep fair, Rimini  17/01/2004 
Japan Tokyo Pastry School  02/04/2005 
Lebanon Horeca, Beirut  21/06/2005 
Netherlands Brood & Banket Idee show, Ede  28/09/2004 
Poland Eurogastro, Warsaw  17/03/2005 
Spain Escola del Gremi de Pastisseria de Barcelona  02/02/2005 
Switzerland Salon Gastronomia, Lausanne 'Truffe d'Or'  31/10/2004 
United Kingdom Restaurant Live Show, London  12/10/2004 

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