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Brian Broeckner
Brian Broeckner

Brian Brøckner wins Danish Chocolate Masters at Tema fair ’05 in Copenhagen

During a spectacular contest between 8 creative chocolate professionBrøckner als from all over Denmark, Brian Brøckner proved his skills to the jury and public. The president of the jury, Mr Gert Sørensen announced Brøckner as the winner of the Danish selection and finalist. Kim Rasmussen won the Danish Chocolate Creativity Award 2005, an award he had been really looking forward too.

Throughout recent decades creative chocolate craftsmen have built up a tradition in Denmark of a workmanship with high quality chocolate in which knowledge of techniques and taste is constantly being developed and refined.

Among Denmark’s most creative chocolate craftsmen, 8 have taken the challenge to compete for a place in the world finals ”World Chocolate Master” and about the titles “Danish Chocolate Master” and “Danish Chocolate Creativity Award”. The level of this contest was very high, having some contestants that had already won their spurs in other contests. Another interesting fact was as also that the contestants came from all over the country.

Andreas Overgaard of Conditori La Glace, Copenhagen

Brian Brøckner of Ruths Hotel, Gl. Skagen

Carsten Kej of pastry school EUC Ringsted

Daniel Kruse of Conditori La Glace, Copenhagen

Karl Viggo Vigfusson of Guldbageren Brandrupdam, Kolding

Kim Rasmussen of Skallebæks Bageri, Haderslev

Kristian Wendel Jensen of Huusoms Bageri, Højbjerg

Lene Oxholm Ballisager of Butikstorvets Bageri, Fredericia

In the Barry Callebaut competition area in Hall East of the Bella Center the contestants impressed the jury, the public and the press. In place they assembled their home made chocolate showpiece, which one by one they presented to the jury along with their 2 types of home made pralines. At 13:00h each contestant receive a “Mystery Box” out of which within the following two hours they had to create a praline and prepare decorations for the chocolate cake which they brought along. All creations reflected the competition theme surrealism.

An impressive professional jury judged all the creations as well as contestants’ skills on professionalism at work. The technical jury included Gert Sørensen, independent pastry chef, Haflidi Ragnarsson, independent pastry chef and chocolatier, Icelandic Ambassador of Belgian Chocolate and Confectioner and Peter Rolaj, teacher Dalum Technical College, Odense, Stéphane Glacier, chocolatier, Cacao Barry Ambassador. The members of the tasting jury were Bo Johansen, independent pastry chef, Gunner Larsen, pastry chef, owner of distributor Condi, Henrik Olsen, independent chocolatier, Kristinn Kristinsson, teacher Aalborg Technical College, Marianne Valentine Nielsen, independent pastry chef and chocolatier, Danish Callebaut Ambassador, Morten Willadsen, pastry chef and chocolatier, Ole Troelsø, journalist Børsen Weekend, Torben Bang, pastry chef and chocolatier.

At 17:30h the jury revealed their results announcing Brian Brøckner as the very first “Danish Chocolate Master” who won a cheque to the value of 1250 EURO offered by Hoejrup Foods and a ticket to the world finals. The most creative chocolate craftsman of the team, Kim Rasmussen, received the “Danish Chocolate Creativity Award” and an equal cheque of 1250 EURO, offered by Hoejrup Foods. All contestants received a prize package to a value of 250 EURO in chocolate products and working material.

This contest was organised in close collaboration with Hoejrup Foods, the Barry Callebaut agent in Denmark.

With special thanks to the logistic sponsors of the World Chocolate Masters Irinox (fridges, freezers, blast freezers), Kitchen Aid (stand mixer) and Prefamac (tempering machines).

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