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Christophe Renou wins title of "Swiss Chocolate Master"

On 31st October 2004, the Swiss selection for the World Chocolate Masters competition was held at Salon Gastronomia in Lausanne. This competition was organised in close collaboration with the society of Swiss Pastry and Confectionnery Chefs. It took place in the "Truffe d'Or" competition area of Salon Gastronomia.

Six contestants, all working in Switzerland, competed there. The winner of the "Swiss Chocolate Creativity Award" was Ms. Lütolf Daniela. The biggest honour went to Christophe Renou of the famous "Moutarlier" house, a member of the "Chocolate Scpecialists". Because of his victory, Renou will represent Switzerland in the world finals and thus take his chance to become the World Chocolate Master!

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