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Takeshi Yamamoto becomes Japanese Chocolate Master 2005

On 2nd April 2005, Barry Callebaut Japan organised the Japanese national selection for the World Chocolate Masters, in collaboration with the Federation of Japanese Confectionnery Associations, Maeda and Sojitz. Out of 18 applications, 5 promising chocolate professionals had been preselected by the Confectionnery Association to participate in the Japanese selection.

The contest took place at the Tokyo Pastry School. Mr Takeshi Yamamoto from Nagoya-City won this exciting contest and has been titled "Japanese Chocolate Master 2005".

Mr Oki Tadahiro from Osaka City has been given the Japanese Chocolate Creativity Award 2005.

All 5 contestants brought a commercial and an remarkably innovative praline to the contest, as well as a chocolate cake and a showpiece, suiting the competition theme of "Surrealism". All were judged on taste and technical implications, by a professional jury, composed of Mr Eizo Ohyama of Mal Maison in Tokyo, Mr Susumu Shimada of Patisserie Shima in Tokyo, Mr Tadashi Yanagi of Patisserie Tadashi Yanagi in Kanagawa, Mr Koichi Yamaura of Hotel Nikko Tokyo and Mr Jean-Marc Bernelin of Barry Callebaut. The preselection was also judged by Mr Shinpei Asada of Urawa Royal Pines Hotel in Saitama.

Kouichi Izumi wins Japanese selection for "Grand Prix International du Chocolat"

The last Japanese preselection for the Grand Prix International du Chocolat took place under the name "Utsumi Trophy" in 2003, and was won by Kouichi Izumi. Therefore, at this very first edition of the World Chocolate Masters, there will be 2 Japanese finalists!

For the next edition, both contests will be integrated into one "Japanese Chocolate Master" selection.

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