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Salon du Chocolat
Salon du Chocolat

World finals in Paris on 21st & 22nd October 2005 !

Spectacular chocolate creations at Salon du Chocolat and in Ecole Lenôtre

On 21-22 October 2005, 17 finalists from all over the world competed against each other and the ticking of the clock, to win the highest honour of becoming the very first “WORLD CHOCOLATE MASTER 2005”. At that time, Paris became the chocolate capital of the world and hosted the spectacular World Chocolate Masters contest!

Real chocolate artists at work

Throughout the contest, they were tempering chocolate, preparing cakes and desserts, moulding pralines and assembling showpieces. After having trained for months, this was their moment of truth to show to the entire world what they can do with the finest chocolate…

The event was followed by professionals and chocolate lovers from every corner of the world. Many came to Paris to support their favourite and get a glimpse of their creations.

An international jury

A jury of 16 chocolate professionals - one from each participating country - carefully judged each of the finalists and his or her creations . Two presidents guaranteed the smooth and honest judging.

Gaston Lenôtre was the President of Honour, who was happy to welcome these great chocolate professionals in his famous school.

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