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During the finals, the 17 finalists have to prepare all their creations live and in front of the jury. They will prepare a chocolate pastry, 2 different types of pralines, a chocolate dessert and a small chocolate showpiece and an impressive chocolate artwork, all fitting the competition theme of "Surrealism".

These creations have to be prepared within a tight time schedule :

Friday 21st October 2005 (3 work hours)

14:00h – 17:00h : Installing the big chocolate showpieces at Salon du Chocolat

18:30h – 19:30h : Judging of the showpieces 

Saturday 22nd October 2005 (10 work hours)

6:00h :                 Start of the competition.

8:30h – 10:00h :  Tasting of hand enrobed pralines 

10:30h – 12:45h :Tasting of desserts

13:30h – 15:45h :Tasting of the chocolate pastry

16:00h :               End of the total work period.

                            Judging of the small chocolate showpieces 

16:30h – 18:00h :Tasting of the moulded pralines 

The full competition rules for the finals of the World Chocolate Masters 2005, are available at the right of this page.

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