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Olivier Vidal wins "Chocolate Master" title in France

Loîc Bret wins the prize for the "Dégustation", Nicolas Cloiseaux wins the award for "Présentation"

Paris, 16th April 2004 - At Intersuc/Europain fair at Paris Nord, the French selection for the World Chocolate Masters took place. Eighteen professionals had been selected through regional preselections all over the country for this national semi-final. Here, the contestants had to bring different chocolate creations, all suiting the theme of "Surrealism" : chocolate bonbons, chocolate bars with special fillings, and origin chocolate, a commercial piece and an impressive chocolate showpiece. A jury of French chocolate experts selected the gold, silver and bronze winners for the "Présentation" and "Dégustation".

The overall winner was Olivier Vidal from Dijon. Special Awards were also given to Loîc Bret from Issingeaux, who obtained most points for taste. Nicolas Cloiseaux from Puteaux won the award for the Chocolate Showpiece and the commercial piece.

Mr. Francis Boucher, President of the Jury and the Confederation of Chocolatiers and Confectioners in France, declared that the level of this year's contestants and their creations was very high. Congratulations to all the contestants and let's see what Olivier will do for the finals!

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