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Rules and guidelines

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1. Who can participate?

This competition is open to professionals from all over the world, from 22 years old or more.

2. What is expected from each contestant?

2.1. General

· The presence of the candidates is compulsory when the showpieces are installed as well as on the day when the French Finals take place.

· The candidates have to wear a professional outfit the day of the French finals.

2.2. The theme

· During the French Finals, the creations are imposed (presentation, 1 two-layered praline, a filled tablet of origin chocolate, a chocolate showpiece).

· The theme for the artistic showpiece during the French selection 2005 is: SURREALISM

3. The creations

3.1. The contestants have to make:

  • A chocolate praline with a two-layered self-chosen filling, the number of pralines shown in the artistic showpiece is free to choose. The shape of the praline is also free to choose.
  • A filled tablet of origin chocolate, weight between 90 and 120 g. This tablet will not be in the composition of the artistic showpiece.
  • A commercial chocolate showpiece suiting the competition theme, of a weight of 300 g (+/- 10%). This showpiece will not be integrated in the composition of the artistic showpiece.

3.2. For the taste jury, the candidates have to provide, separately:

  • 30 pralines , two-layered znd with a self-chosen filling.
    These 30 pralines have to be presented in an anonymous box with cover, that presents well.
  • 10 filled tablets of origin chocolate:
    These 10 tablets must be presented, in an anonymous way, which presents well.

3.3. Allowed base material

  • Exclusively chocolate and products derived from cacao, from the brands of the Barry Callebaut group. The use of hard materials or other products to support or decorate is strictly forbidden (varnish included).
  • The pieces are being perforated by the jury. Those who contain elements that are not allowed will be disqualified.
  • It is obvious that the base materials: alcohols, almond pastes, jams, fruits, nougatines, etc… are allowed only for the confection of the fillings of the chocolate pralines and the filled tablets of chocolate.

3.4. Remarks for the showpiece

  • For the presentation, the theme permits the realisation of an artistic chocolate showpiece, accompanied by the praline. The piece has to be brought along by the candidate himself.
  • Because the organisers might have to move the piece in case of necessity – in the presence of the candidate- on the day of the installation, the showpiece has to be sufficiently solid. In case of an accident, the organisers have the right to ask the reparation in place of the piece by the candidate.
  • This artistic showpiece must be presented under a detachable display case (the jury must be able to open it easily to perforate the piece), provided by the candidate. The dimensions of this display case have to be 70cm wide and 90cm high (base not included)
  • When these rules are not fulfilled, the jury will decide to take measures.

4. The evaluation by the jury

· The jury consists of international experienced connoisseurs, of renowned craftsmen and gastronomes. The jury is sovereign in its decisions.

The presentation (artistic showpiece) is judged upon:

  • - Respect for the theme
  • - The care of execution
  • - The artistic value

Is quoted on 40

The tasting of the praline and the tablet is judged upon:

  • The fineness and the flavour
  • The originality of the composition
  • The refinement of the manufacturing
  • The possibility of commercialising the pralines

Is quoted on 20 for the praline

Is quoted on 20 for the tablet

Total: on 40 

The commercial showpiece is judged upon:

  • Respect for the theme
  • The care for the execution

Is quoted on 20

The final classification is made by the sum of these three marks.

5. What is there to win

The contestant who obtains the highest total score in his/her country, will be awarded the title of “French Chocolate Master 2004”. Winning this title also includes an entry for the international finals where he/she will compete for the title of “World Chocolate Master 2005”. He/she will be offered a cheque of €2000.

The contestant who has shown most creativity with chocolate will be awarded the “French Chocolate Creativity Award 2004”. He/she will be offered a cheque of €1000.

The contestant who obtains the highest score on the showpiece, will be offered a cheque of €1000.

6. The finals

· The finals will take place in Paris.

· Contestants from all countries will compete for the title of “World Chocolate Master 2005”.

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