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The World Chocolate Masters is a new competition, started up in 2004 as the merger of 2 reknowned professional competitions that were organised by Barry Callebaut, the world leading chocolate manufacturer.

The first one was the "Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie" by Cacao Barry. This competition was first organised in 1984 in collaboration with the Intersuc fair in Paris and soon became the most beautiful competition in the world honouring chocolate and its top craftsmen. In the Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie, usually called GPIC, the best professionals from all over the world competed against each other for the "Trophée Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie" and a valuable travel cheque for 2 persons.
The most important value for participants to be won was the huge press attention they received, as well as earning the respect of the very top chocolate craftsmen from all over the world. For many contestants, the GPIC was the doorstep to becoming a MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), one the most important distinctions a chocolatier can be granted.

The second competition that has been merged into the World Chocolate Masters was the "International Belgian Chocolate Award", an organisation of Callebaut. This competition was first organised in 2001 in Belgium. The second edition in 2003 already involved 9 European countries! In 7 of them, some contestants earned 80% of the points or more, and were therefore granted the title of "Ambassador of Belgian Chocolate". In a dazzling final in Brussels they competed for the title of "Laureate of Belgian Chocolate" and the prize package of € 30.000.
The International Belgian Chocolate Award challenged creative chocolate craftsmen to prepare live and in front of the public different pralines, a chocolate cake, dessert plate and artistic chocolate showpiece.

The World Chocolate Masters competition will combine the best of both competitions.
In the national selections, contestants will bring their home made pralines, chocolate showpieces and cakes to the competition and create on the competition day decorations for their cakes and one new praline, with only the ingredients they receive in a "Mystery Box".
At the world final they will have to prepare their creations, live and in front of the jury and public.

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