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Awards and Prizes

National level

All contestants at the national heats for the World Chocolate Masters, win a Barry Callebaut prize package to the value of € 250 in chocolate and working material.
The winner of the national selection earns the title of national "Chocolate Master". He/she will be able to communicate this to his/her customers trough the special award, which will certainly be of important commercial vale! In some countries the national "Chocolate Master" also wins up to € 1250 in money or prizes.
The most creative contestant on national level, receives the national "Chocolate Creativity Award", equally communicated in an impressive framed award. In some countries, he/she wins up to € 1250 as well.
Another important advantage which all contestants will benefit of, is the extensive media coverage, which may definitely give an important boost to their (international) carreer!

World Finals

A prize package of € 75.000 will be divided amongst the finalists. This package includes transport to, hotel accomodation and catering for all finalists troughout the entire finals, as well as monetary prizes, working material etc.

The winner of the competition wins a unique trophy, marked "World Chocolate Master 2005", and a prize package of at least € 20.000. The second one in line, wins a prize package to the value of € 12.500. The finalist who ends up third, wins a prize package of € 6.500. Apart from this, special awards will be given for the winning creations : the best chocolate bonbon, chocolate cake, gastronomic dessert and chocolate showpiece. The winners of these special awards receive a € 500 gift!

Last but not least, the press will appoint their favourite, who shows most creativity with chocolate. This award winner equally receives a € 500 gift. More detailed information will be available later on.

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