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Slitti, Andrea (°1957) - Italy

Slitti, Andrea

Professional experince:
1969: 'Tarrefazione di Caffè' of the Slitti family
1988: Andrea Slitti transformed 'Tarrefazione di Caffè' in 'Cioccolateria'

1993: Golden medal at the international championship in Laragne (France)
1994: Golden medal at 'Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie in Paris' (the greatest world competition dedicated to chocolate)
1995: Special reference at 'The Chocolate Companion' as one of the best 8 chocolatiers of the world
1996: Golden medal at the Gastronomic Olympic Games in Berlin
1997: Eurochocolate Award in Perugia
1999: 4 golden medals at IKKA in Salisbourg

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