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01/12/2005  LINKSLIFE : 'Chocolate Master - When Tim Clark says he lives and breathes chocolate...' Linkslife AU Tim Clark.pdf (1,0 MB)
01/04/2005  OPEN HOUSE : 'Master at work' open house article.pdf (179 KB)
01/03/2005  LEADING EDGE : 'The World Chocolate Masters competition national selections' leading edge article.pdf (211 KB)
01/03/2005  HERALD : 'Sweet Art, you're surreal' article herald.pdf (951 KB)
24/02/2005  ECALLEBAUT.COM - Tim Clark wins Australian selection for World Chocolate Masters link to external site
21/02/2005  http://www.ccc.newcastle.edu.au : HUNTER INSTITUTE NEWS : National Chocolate Masters link to external site
01/02/2005  HOSPITALITYMAGAZINE.COM.AU 'Chocolate Master contest in Australia' link to external site
01/02/2003  sound test.asx (80 KB)

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