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01/11/2004  http://paulwaynegregory.com : 'Indulgence is everything' link to external site
01/11/2004  CONTINENTAL CHEFS SUPPLIES 'World Chocolate Masters...' link to external site
01/11/2004  CHICAGO SCHOOL OF MOULD MAKING : 'Javier Mercado...' link to external site
20/10/2004  RESTAURANT LIVE MAGAZINE 'Meet the winner, Tony Hoyle !' Press article announcing winners UK.pdf (236 KB)
12/10/2004  ECALLEBAUT.COM - Tony Hoyle wins title of 'British Chocolate Master' link to external site
01/10/2004  SAN PELLEGRINO.COM 'Rest.Live played host to World Chocolate Masters' link to external site
04/08/2004  RESTAURANT LIVE MAGAZINE : 'Meet the UK finalists' UK - Article Restaurant Live - Presentation UK candidates.pdf (217 KB)
01/03/2004  RESTAURANT LIVE MAGAZINE 'Your chance to secure a place in the finals of the World Chocolate Masters!' Choc Masters DPS.pdf (114 KB)

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