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Rüegsegger, Werner (°1947) - Switzerland

Rüegsegger, Werner

Professional experience :

1963: apprenticeship as baker and confectioner
1969: chef patissier at Chewton Glen Hotel (England)
1976: master craftsman's diploma as baker/confectioner
1977: took over parents' country bakery in Mühledorf and opened first branch by taking over Confiserie Füeg in Solothurn.
1978: became vocational teacher in confectionery/confiserie and bakery/confiserie at Biel technical college
1978: member of cantonal council of the SBKV as secretary
1989: examiner for Master craftsman practical exams
1990: examiner for Master craftsman theory exams
1995: passed diploma in food and beverage management
1995: board member of specialist teachers' association of SBKV
2000: chef instructor at SKCV
2000: Owner of Rüegsegger-Confiseur-Soleure company, with 5 locations and 2 cafés.

Jury member and specialist advisor at the following international competitions:
2001 UIPCG
2001 'Chocolatier of the year', Lausanne
2003 world skills in St Gallen
2004 UIPCG world championship masterclass Rimini
2005 world skills in Helsinki, World chocolate Masters in Paris
2006 ice cream makers world championship in Rimini
2007 World skills in Japan

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