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A first look at the Mystery ingredients
All 11 contestants in a row, waiting for the results
Belgian Chocolate Master award for Pol Deschepper, offered by Benoit Villers

Interview with the winner, Pol Deschepper
Creativity Award for Sébastien Courlit, offered by Philippe Janvier
Deschepper, Courlit, Marc Debailleul and Barry Callebaut

Pol Deschepper
The Belgian Chocolate Master; Pol Deschepper
Showpiece by Deschepper

'Cubis Strus' by Sébastien Courlit
Pastry by Courlit
Commercial praline by Pol Deschepper

Creative praline by Deschepper
Pastry by Deschepper
Emmanuel Gilain

Philippe Lafont
Frédéric Simon
Pascal Thomas

Julien Wullemans
Yasushi Sasaki

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