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Takeshi Yamamoto - the Japanese Chocolate Master 2005
Showpiece by Yamamoto
Showpiece by Yamamoto

Cake & pralines by Yamamoto
Yamamoto recieves Japanese Chocolate Master award from Paul Halliwell
The jury at work

Koji Takayama at work
Tadahiro Oki at work
Part of showpiece by Koji Takayama

Koji Takayama at work
Showpiece by Koji Takayama
Showpiece by Koji Takayama

Showpiece by Hirotsugu Kozaki
Showpiece by Masaki Tabata
Part of showpiece by Tadahiro Oki

Takeshi Yamamoto at work
Tadahiro Oki receives the Japanese Chocolate Creativity Award from Paul Halliwell
Jury at work

All 5 Japanese contestants
Waiting for the results
Group photo

Masaki Tabata (5th place)
Hirotsugu Kozaki (4th place)
Koji Takayama (3rd place)

Creativity winner Tadahiro Oki (2nd place)
The winner Takeshi Yamamoto
Mr Yamamoto receives the trophy

Paul Halliwel, Eric Martinet and the winner, Takeshi Yamamoto
Kouichi Izumi wins GPIC Trophy
Kouici Izumi, Japanese finalist

Showpiece by Kouichi Izumi

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