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Creative pralines
Ariel Mendizábal Rey at work
Josep Ramón at work

Josep Ramón Cases Franco
Jury at work
Ariel Mendizábal presents his showpiece

Showpiece Josep Ramón
Spanish taste jury
Showpiece by Josep Ramón

Julio Morón Rivera
Juanjo Padilla Torres
Cake by Juanjo

Cake by Fran Segura
Cake by Julio
Cake by Ariel Mendizábal

Showpiece by Ariel
Josep Ramón
Showpiece by Ariel Mendizábal Rey

Showpiece by Ariel
Josep Ramón
Fran Segura at work

Showpiece by Julio Morón Rivera
Cake by Luis Francisco Segura
Showpiece by Josep Ramón

Showpiece by Julio Morón
Fran Segura
Ariel and ICC

Ariel receives Crea Award
Ariel and Tefal
Candidates and jury

Julio Moron & jury
Award for 'Spanish Chocolate Master 2005' Ariel Mendizabal Rey
Pralines by Ariel

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