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Kim Rasmussen at work
Brian Broeckner
The showpiece by Brian Broeckner

Karl Viggo Vigfusson
Carsten Kej
Daniel Kruse

Brian Broeckner
Kim Rasmussen
Jury at work

Karl Viggo Vigfusson
Kim Rasmussen at work
Kristian Jenssen

Showpiece by Andreas Overgaard
Showpiece by Kristian W Jenssen
Taste judges Marianne Nielsen and Bo Johanssen

The showpiece by Lene Oxholm Ballisager
Kim Rasmussen at work (2)
Andreas Overgaard

Andreas Overgaard at work
Candidates at work
Brian Broeckner

Daniel Kruse and technical jury
Carsten Kej

Kim Rasmussen
Kristian W Jenssen
Showpiece by Andrea Overgaard & judge Raflidi Ragnarsson

Taste jury
Technical jury
Jury at proclamation

Contestants at the proclamation
Two happy winners
Kristian Jenssen & technical judges Gert Soerensen & Stéphane Glacier

And the winner is... Brian Broeckner!
Lene Oxholm at work
Daniel Kruse at work

Interview with Karl Viggo Vigfusson
Kristian Jenssen - a happy contestant!
Carsten Kej & Gert Soerensen

Kim Rasmussen presenting his showpiece to judges Soerensen and Ragnarsson

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