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Renou, Christophe (°1982) - Rue, Switzerland

Renou, Christophe

Degrees/diplomas attained

1999 : CAP-BEP pastry, ice cream, sugar and chocolate confectionery
2000 : 3-day-course at the French national pastry school in Yssingeau to prepare for the competition for the best student in France.
2000 : CAP bakery
2003 : Master degree

Professional experience

Since October 2003 : Employee of Mr Moutarlier in Chexbres, Switzerland

Awards and competitions

February 1999 : 1st Prize “Meuilleur Apprenti du Maine et Loire‿ in Angers (France)
March 2000 : Finalist in the competition for “Meilleur Apprenti de France‿
June 2004 : 3rd Prize in the dessert competition in Luzern

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