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Participant CVs

Burion, Bertrand (°1972) - Ecaussinnes, Belgium

Burion, Bertrand

Degrees/diplomas attained

1992-1993: Confiserie, glacerie, pâtisserie fine, Institut Technique Namur, Belgium
1989-1992: Boulangerie, pâtisserie, chocolaterie, Institut Technique Namur, Belgium
1985-1989: Ecole Hôtellière, Institut Saint-Joseph, La Louvière, Belgium

Professional experience

1995-now: responsable for enrobing & demonstrator at Chocolaerie Vamparys, Wavre, Belgium
1995: glacier at Glacier Omer, Nivelles, Belgium
1994-1995: Patissier & chocolate confectionner at Burion, Ecaussinnes, Belgium

Awards and competitions

1992-1993: 'Prix Jacques Saey', 5th place, Brussels, Belgium


'I consider this contest as a stepping stone and an opportunity I cannot miss to express my passion for chocolate. To meet the highest people in our profession is a positive, stimulating example that encourages me to show the best of my knowlegde and creativity...'

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