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Pol Deschepper
Pol Deschepper

All contestants at the Belgian national selection receive a € 250 gift in Callebaut products and professional working material. This gift includes a range of new Callebaut products like origin chocolates, flavoured chocolate etc., as well as kitchen knives, gloves, pastry bags etc. They also receive a 0,75l bottle of Cointreau.

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise, Mol d'Art and Cointreau are the official sponsors of this Belgian contest and offer some prizes to the winners.

The winner of the Belgian national selection wins the title of "Belgian Chocolate Master 2005", as well a ticket to the 2005 world finals. Cointreau offers him a kitchen knive set with a value of € 200 and a 1,5L bottle of Cointreau. Mol d'Art offers a 12kg tempering kettle (value € 500) and Raffinerie Tirlemontoise a € 500 cheque.

This Belgian selection of the World Chocolate Masters is organised with the support of the Gastronomic Club Prosper Montagné. Therefore, the winner also becomes the "1st Chocolatier in Belgium - Trophy Prosper Montagné 2005" and wins a € 1250 cheque, offered by Bru - the fine sparkling water, as well as valuable wine tasting set by Villeroy & Boch.

The most creative contestant wins the “Belgian Chocolate Creativity Award 2005”. He also wins a 12kg chocolate tempering kettle by Mol d'Art, a kitchen knive set and a 1L bottle by Cointreau and a € 500 cheque by Raffinerie Tirlemontoise. The Creativity Award winner also receives a € 500 cheque, offered by the Gastronomic Club Prosper Montagne.

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