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Awards and prizes


All contestants in the Dutch national selection for the World Chocolate Masters received a prize package of €250 in Callebaut chocolate and working material. This included the new Coloured and Flavoured chocolate, Origin chocolate etc, as well as pastry bags, pallet knives, plastic bowls etc.

In the Dutch national selection, one winner won both awards! Hein Geers won both the title of “Dutch Chocolate Master 2004” and the “Dutch Chocolate Creativity Award 2004”. For these victories, Hein won in total €2500 in money, offered by Dreidoppel.

The visitors of the Brood & Banket Idee fair, where the competition took place, appointed Marco Zonnenberg as their favourite. He won a 1,5 liter magnum bottle of Mumm Champagne, with a special World Chocolate Masters label to indicate his "Public Award".

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