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Rules and guidelines

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1. How to register for the German national selection for the World Chocolate Masters?

Complete the enclosed application form and send it in together with

  1. one recipe for a chocolate cake that you have created
  2. one recipe for a praline that you have created.Enclosed you will find the complete regulations for participation in the national selection for the "World Chocolate Masters 2005". By entering, you declare your full acceptance of all the rules defined in these regulations.

2. What is expected from each contestant?

1. The recipes

On the day of the competition, each contestant must present 10 copies of the recipes of all the creations he/she will present to the jury, as well as 1 digital copy (diskette for PC or CD-Rom). Every recipe must comprise a detailed list of ingredients, a description of the working methods and a cross-section or a schedule of the composition.

2. The theme: Surrealism

  • The theme to which each of these realisations is to be imagined and worked out is "Surrealism". This theme, which originates from fine arts, can be interpreted freely. This means that both "abstract" and "figurative" approaches are an option, in the contestant's most personal interpretation. The contestant can search for inspiration in existing artworks, or create his/her own interpretation. It is advisable to express this theme in both the shape and taste of each creation - or in a combination of both.
  • Each contestant can freely interpret this theme, both in his/her choice of ingredients for the recipes and in the design of his/her realisations.
  • The creative interpretation of the theme and its recognisability in the realisations will both contribute towards the points awarded to them by the jury.

3. The creations

Innovative and creative recipes will be highly appreciated by the jury.

3.1 To be brought along

    Each contestant brings the following creations on the day of the national competition. All of these are made, by word of honour, solely and personally by the contestant.

    It is not allowed to mark any of the contestant's creations with his/her name or any other name or brand indications (e.g. logo).

3.1.1 Chocolate cakes

Each contestant will bring a chocolate cake

Quantity: 3 identical cakes for 8 people
Composition: The cake must have a dominant chocolate taste

The cakes are brought along entirely prepared, thoug not decorated. In place the decoration must be made and put on the cakes (see 3.1.3).
The shape and dimensions can be chosen freely by the contestants.
Weight per cake: maximum 1 kg.


- 1 to 2 cakes will be presented to the jury for tasting
- 1 wil be presented to the press and public for photography until the end of the competition.
On gold cardboard (to be brought by the contestant).
Each contestant slices his/her cakes in the required number of portions and dresses them onto the plates (provided by the Organisation) while working in the Mystery Box. The Organising Committee serves the tasting jury.

3.1.2 Chocolate/Pralines

Each contestant will bring two different original and creative pralines.

Quantity: minimum 50 pieces of each type

The pralines must be brought entirely ready
1 praline is exceptionally creative and innovative in both shape and taste
1 praline is more commercial
Both pralines must clearly reflect the competition theme.
All types and shapes are allowed.
Maximum weight per praline: 15g.


10 pieces of each type need to be presented on the chocolate showpiece the contestant has brought along (see below).
The remaining pralines will be tasted and judged by the tasting jury. These have to be handed to the Organising Committee when the competition starts.

3.1.3 Chocolate showpiece

Each contestant brings a showpiece that clearly expresses the competition theme.

Number: 1 piece
Dimensions of base: 40 cm x 40 cm maximum

All ingredients must be edible.
The showpiece consists for 100% of chocolate and other cocoa deriving products. Only colourings made of cocoa butter can be used.
It is not allowed to use any hard materials for support or other fortifying or decorative materials. These include a/o the following:
- Dragee filling (pastillage)
- Glue products or glue gun
- Varnish
The jury has the right to perforate the showpieces to check them. Pieces containing prohibited elements will automatically be disqualified.
The showpiece can be assembled in place within 1 hour. The Organising Committee will provide tempered dark, milk and white chocolate.


The showpiece must be placed on a base provided by Barry Callebaut. It is not allowed to use a supplementary base or background that is not made of chocolate or which is not part of the showpiece itself.
On the chocolate showpiece, the contestant presents 10 pralines of each type.
All creations must clearly constitute one unity.

3.2 To be created in place

Each contestant prepares two creations in the "Mystery Box". This "Mystery Box" is a workspace that is fully equipped for chocolate working.

Moreover, each contestant will have an identical set of "Mystery" ingredients at his/her disposal to prepare within 2 hours 1 original praline and the decoration for his/her chocolate cakes.

The participant must prepare these creations solely with the material and ingredients that have been provided by the Organisation inside the Box. The contestant must bring only the following material:

-small working material (knives, scrapers, bowls, transfer foil etc)
- professional clothing: white jacket without brand logos. Barry Callebaut will provide a chef hat.

During this practical part the contestants are judged on their craftsmanship and technical abilities, as well as on their creativity.

For the practical part, different kinds and types of chocolate will be available melted, but not tempered! Callets/pistols/coins will be available.

3.2.1 Decoration for the entremets

On the day of the competition, each contestant prepares the decoration f or the chocolate cakes he/she brought along.

Number: 3 identical cakes

The decorations must be entirely prepared in the "Mystery Box" with the ingredients and materials that are provided by the Organising Committee.
The decorations must clearly reflect the competition theme, either by themselves, or in combination with the entremets, shapes, ingredients etc.

3.2.2 One "Mystery" praline

Quantity: minimum 20 pcs

These pralines are entirely created and prepared in the Mystery Box only with the ingredients and materials that are provided by the Organising Committee.
All techniques and methods are allowed.
A creative interpretation of the theme will be highly encouraged.

3.3 Presentation of all creations to the technical jury

Every contestant has to present in a brief way all his/her creations to the technical jury. The most important issues to discuss are his/her sources of inspiration, the techniques that were used etc. The purpose of this part of the competition is to evaluate the motivation of the contestants and their working methods.

The tasting jury will be informed on the different pralines and entremets via the short descriptions that the contestants have sent to the Organisation before the competition. The Organising Committee informs the tasting jury in order to guarantee neutrality as much as possible.

3. Practical details

3.1 Date and location for the national competition

The German national selection takes place on Tuesday 25th May 2005, at the Konditorenmeisterschule in Cologne.

3.2 Time schedule

  • All realisations under 2.3.1 must be brought along entirely finished on the day of the national competition, except for the decoration on the chocolate cakes.
  • Indicative time schedule of the national competition day :

09:45h :Presence of all contestants and technical jury
Official welcoming of contestants and judges by the Head of the National Jury
10:00h-11:00h :

Tasting of the pralines by the taste jury
Assembling the chocolate showpieces

11:15h-12:15h :

Oral presentation of the pralines and showpieces to the technical jury
(max. 5 minutes/contestant)

12:15h-13:00h :Tasting of the chocolate cakes by the taste jury.
Judging of the showpieces by the technical jury.
Clearing all ingredients from their work spaces by the contestants
13:00h-15:00h :"Mystery Box" work for the contestants
15:00h-15:30h :Tasting of Mystery Pralines by the taste jury
15:30h-16:15h :Presentation of the Mystery pralines & cakes to the technical jury
(max. 5 minutes/contestant)
17h00 :Proclamation of the results.

  • Each contestant receives a personal work schedule before the start of the competition. This may differ from the one above.
  • If a high number of entrants makes it necessary to organise more than one competition round or day, the contestant with the highest score who will go on to the final will be announced on the last day of the national competition.

3.3 Ingredients and equipment

Only chocolate and other ingredients from the brands Callebaut, Cacao Barry and Carma are allowed, except for ingredients that are not available within these product ranges (sugar, fruits, cream...).

4. The evaluation by the jury

  • The jury consists of experts in the processing of chocolate who are active in pastry, chocolate, restaurant or catering industries and/or provide professional training.

The jury will assess each participant for:

  • his/her technical skill (40% of the marks):
    • = the professionalism in the contestantÕs work and creations (15%)
    • = the finished creations : aspect and originality in shapes, structures and composition (15%)
    • = the contestantÕs work in the Mystery Box (10%)
  • his/her artistic chocolate showpiece, including the harmony between the different elements that are incorporated (30%)
  • the taste of each of his/her creations (30%)

5. What is there to win?

  • The contestant who obtains the highest total score in this selection, is awarded the title of "German Chocolate Master 2005". Winning this title also includes an entry for the international finals where he/she will compete for the title of "World Chocolate Master 2005".
    The journey to and residence during the competition will be offered to all finalists as part of the prize package of at least € 75.000 that will be distributed among them (for more details, please check the regulations for the finals).
  • The contestant who has shown most creativity in working with chocolate, is awarded the "German Chocolate Creativity Award 2005" .
  • All contestants receive a Barry Callebaut gift valuing € 250, that comprises chocolate products and working material.

6. General conditions

  • Each contestant must create all the realisations without help from third parties.
  • The jury's decision is final and binding and no discussion or dispute about their evaluation can be entered into.
  • The Organising Committee may change or adapt the rules at any time as may prove necessary, and undertakes to notify all registered participants of such changes by registered letter 10 days in advance.
  • The recipes and photographic material may be used for editorial or commercial publications by the press, the Organising Committee or Barry Callebaut. The Organising Committee will do their best to ensure that - in the event of any publication - the name of the author of the recipe will be mentioned in the relevant article or picture. Each participant relinquishes his/her rights to the intellectual properties

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