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Schetter-Goeckler, Dorte (°1968) - Metzingen, Germany

Schetter-Goeckler, Dorte

Degrees/diplomas attained

1998 Duisburg-Hamborn Bakery
1993 Handwerkskammer Köln Master degree
1999 HK Reutlingen Management course

Professional experience

1994-1995 Konditorei Paulesen, Essen Pastry Chef
1995-1996 Cunard Co. HS Vistafjord Cruise Ship Pastry Chef
1997-1999 Konditorei Ott, Kusterdingen Production Chef
2000-2001 Café Fresh, Böblingen Pastry Chef


“Find improvement & creativity. Participating in such a competition is also an expression of being faithful to our craft and to keep the complexity and uniqueness of our profession vivid!?

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