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Participant CVs

Podzimek, Markus (°1975) - Neunkirchen, Germany

Podzimek, Markus

Degrees/diplomas attained

1996 AHS, Siegen Konditor Assistant
2001 HWK Cologne Master Degree
2001 HWK Cologne Company Management / HW

Professional experience

1997-1999 RMF München Production Chef Ice
1999-2000 Confiserie Supersaxo, Saas Fee (CH) Production Chef Bakery & Confectionery
2001-… Hermann, Neunkirchen Management and Production Chef

Awards and competitions

2004 Patisserie Oskar 2004, Wien (Austria) 3rd place


“I ‘d like to measure my skills with the best craftsmen in the world and at the same time keep on developing my knowledge of chocolate.?

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