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The World Chocolate Masters is a prestigious worldwide competition, which challenges competitors chocolate creativity.

It is open to anyone using Chocolate, whether a chocolatier or pastry chef, who has brilliant ideas for chocolate and wants national and international recognition for their art.

During 2004, Barry Callebaut will organise national selections for this new competition all over the world. The UK event will take place at the Restaurant Live Show at London’s Design Centre at Islington on Tuesday October 12th 2004.

Here the contestants will have two tasks within the overall competition theme of Surrealism:

Firstly, to prepare in advance two different pralines, a layered chocolate cake featuring different textures and flavours, and a chocolate showpiece. These will be presented on the day of the competition to a professional jury that will judge each creation on its aspect, flavour harmonies and technical implications.

Secondly, and in a fully equipped workspace all contestants will have at their disposal the same range of “Mystery” ingredients and equipment. Here, they will seek to create and prepare in front of the technical jury ‘live’ and within strict time limits, one praline and decorations for the layered cake that they will have brought along. In this practical test the contestant will be judged on his/her technical capacities and creativity.

The winner of the national contest is granted the title of “British Chocolate Master 2004” and will automatically enter the finals of the World Chocolate Masters that will be held in 2005. In the UK national competition one contestant is also awarded the “British Chocolate Creativity Award 2004”.

There is, of course, also an impressive prize package: on a national level a prize pot of € 2500 will be divided between the “British Chocolate Master 2004” and the winner of the “British Chocolate Creativity Award 2004”. At the finals no less than € 75.000 will be divided amongst the finalists!

How to enter the 2004 national contests of the World Chocolate Masters?

  1. Simply contact Barry Callebaut UK on (44) 07973 134632 or 01295 224700 to receive an application form
  2. Send back the completed form together with 2 of your own recipes (including pictures if possible) and a photograph of a chocolate showpiece you have made in the past. It is intended that these recipes and images give us a clear impression of your professional knowledge and experience in the processing of chocolate.
  3. Your entry will be then judged with a view to participation in the 2004 UK national selection
  4. Every applicant will be informed on his/her attendance at the national final by the Organising Committee in writing no later than 8 weeks before the competition date of October 12th

General Conditions

  1. All entrants must be employed as a chocolatier or pastry chef.
  2. Entrants must have the nationality of the country for which they apply, or have resided and worked there officially for at least 1 year.
  3. Contestants must be born before 1st January 1983.
  4. Each contestant must create all the realisations without help from third parties.
  5. The jury’s decision is final and binding and no discussion or dispute about their evaluation can be entered into.
  6. The recipes and photographic material may be used for editorial or commercial publications by the press, the Organising Committee or Barry Callebaut. The Organising Committee will do their best to ensure that – in the event of any publication – the name of the author of the recipe will be mentioned in the relevant article or picture. Each participant relinquishes his/her rights to the intellectual properties of such publications.

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