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Participant CVs

Simon, Frédéric (°1981) - Anthisnes, Belgium

Simon, Frédéric

Degrees/diplomas attained

1999: Technical education, specialising in bakery, pastry, chocolate confectionery and ice cream in Waremme, Belgium

Professional experience

2002: Chocolatier at Jean Philippe Darcis in Verviers, Belgium
2002: French pastry at Fournil d'Antan in Crisnée
1999: Patissier at Les Pradines in Limoges, France

Awards and competitions

1999: 'Chataigne du Limousin et Gastronomie', Limoges, France : Feuille Or (Golden Leaf)


'The World Chocolate Masters is for me the opportunity to step out the purely manufacturing business and to express my creativity. I want to show to Belgium's most prominent professionals what craftsmanship I have obtained through years of practice.
To be recognised by my colleagues would offer me a satisfaction that would even further encourage my enthousiasm for our craft...'

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